The history of Dronn started in 2015 when the company created an SRGS Voicebot for Alior Bank and it turned into a tremendous business success and even international fame for the bank. The company soon decided to pivot towards robotic outsourcing contact center for FS companies.

Today Dronn works for a few dozen of FS companies including:

  • banks
  • insurance companies
  • lenders
  • debt collectors
  • leasing companies

The company has direct sales model and substantial operational focus on implementations and compliance. Strategically it is focused on deeper integration with industry verticals (e.g. which steps to take in order to improve debt recovery ratio). In 2020 it became clear that even though conversational AI is an important component the company it should be developed outside of its structures.

That’s how Dialo was started. Dronn.com will become Dialo’s first Value Added Reseller and thanks to this cooperation we’ll have the luxury of developing it with instant market\production environment validation of every product iteration.

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